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Free TOWER Life Insurance upgrade

Tower has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to improving life insurance products by offering a free upgrade for existing policy holders. The upgrade provides members with 14 improvements to Tower’s Accelerated Protection.  Tower states that “These improvements automatically apply to existing Accelerated Protection policy holders (PDS dated 10 August 2010) and to all policies issued from 28 April 2010. For further details about the improved terms and conditions, contact your financial adviser.)  TAL’s Head of Product and Marketing –

TAL Extends New Life Insurance Platform

After 10 months in development and a multi-million dollar investment TAL is ready to roll out its new life insurance platform dubbed Accelerated Protection. The new system leverages off the original Accelerate offering which was launched to market in 2007 and features a full-integrated web-based quotation, application and underwriting rules engine. According to TAL Retail Life chief executive Brett Clark the Accelerated underwriting process

Tower announces changes to it Life insurance platform

Life insurer TAL‘s chief executive Brett Clark has released details of an upgrade of its life insurance platform, on the 1st of November, Tower will introduce an onlineThe new platform, Accelerated Protection, will bring Tower’s ‘next generation’ product range, it will combine TOWER’s three existing product offerings, of: TOWER Accelerated Protection Policy TOWER Protection Policy TOWER Partner Insurance Portfolio Up to 30 per cent of applications never

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