Defined Event Insurance Policy

Defined events vs Accidental damage Policy

  Most insurers in Australia provide a choice of cover for buildings and contents insurances: defined events, or accidental damage. When you are looking to buy House, home and content or Landlord Insurance what is the main difference between these options is the way they approach the concept of insured events: one works by stating what it does cover whereas the other operates by stating what it does not cover. Defined events There are several terms used to describe these types of

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance Don’t let your money disappear with your tenant. Commercial Rent Default Insurance is the first stand-alone product of its kind offering Commercial Landlords a better way to manage their risk, attract and keep good tenants, and maximise their profits. If you are serious commercial property investors arrange a Commercial Rent Default Insurance quote. Commercial Rent Default Insurance will cover commercial landlords for loss of rent: If their commercial tenant fails to pay the rent If their commercial tenant leaves without notice If their commercial

House Insurance

Insuring your rental property with CGU

Do you have a property investment such as an investment flat, unit, apartment or house leased or rented to tenants? Have you ensured it’s properly insured? As one of its many insurance offerings, CGU provides a product for landlord residential property insurance. CGU covers your accidental loss or damage to the building and contents of your rental property, as well as insuring you for a whole series of specified events. In addition, you can choose to add a

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