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Flood definition on the insurance council’s agenda

In an attempt to prevent the confusion that has arisen from insurance policy holders affected by the recent floods, the Insurance Council of Australia has said it will work on a definition that clearly defines flood. There have so far been about 45,000 claims across Queensland resulting from the summer floods, estimated to cost about $2 billion. ABC news reports that flood victims disillusioned with the claims process met at Ipswich, west of Brisbane, to

Insurers have already paid $268 million to flood victims

The Insurance Council of Australia has submitted revised insurance claim figures for the Queensland and Victoria floods. As at 11 February 2011 for the Queensland floods: 43 755 claims have been received $2.0 billion estimated reserved claims value Increase is due to large commercial/industrial and mining claims now being reported Insurers have completed 77% of initial claims assessment $201 million has been paid to policyholders already Revised claim figures as at 11 February 2011 for the VIC floods are: 5 590 claims

Choice warns of no standard definition for flood insurance

It’s become alarmingly apparent that many people who were affected by the Queensland floods did not have flood insurance for their homes. Kim Lester of 666 ABC Canberra says, “It’s hoped the outpouring of government assistance and public donations will be enough to help people rebuild after the waters finally subside in these devastating floods, because while it may seem alarming that so few victims have flood insurance, it’s apparently not uncommon.” Choice spokeswoman Ingrid Just told 666 Drive presenter Melanie Tait

Business continuity for Marsh customers affected by flood

As the flood crisis in Queensland continues to develop and spread, many businesses are considering diverting or shutting down operations in order to protect their staff, assets and revenue streams. Marsh gives the following advice: Businesses can prepare by taking the following steps: Actively monitor and follow the advice provided by emergency services in a timely manner Locate your business continuity plan if it exists and conduct a very quick review Ensure arrangements are in place to contact

CGU shows support for customers and staff impacted by the Qld floods

CGU has issued a statement saying the insurer is processing insurance claims as quickly as possible. CGU has also called upon its national network to support their customers and staff who have been impacted by flooding in Queensland. CGU customers who need to make claim contact CGU’s 24-hour claims service line as soon as possible on 1800 252 or speak to their insurance adviser. To speed up the process, have the following information close by:: · Your policy number · The

Vero responds to Qld floods

Vero has announced on their website, “Due to the devastating floods that continue to QLD and NSW and have now swept across Brisbane, it has become a priority to ensure the safety of Vero staff situated in the Brisbane CBD area. In line with advice provided by the authorities, we have requested all Brisbane-based staff to return to their homes and minimise travel until further information is received.” The insurer informs that as a result clients may experience delays

Zurich information for client affected by the Queensland floods

Queensland floods Contact and claims information 11 January 2011 General Insurance Claims If you have been affected by the Queensland floods, our local Zurich claims team in Brisbane is ready to assist. We have set up dedicated phone numbers and an email address to ensure you receive all the support and expertise you need in this time. If you have any questions regarding claims please contact us: Office hours call toll-free: 1800 672 010 Out of hours call toll-free: 132 687 email: [email protected] Alternatively, for

Important Advice for Policyholders of QBE Travel Insurance: Queensland & NSW Floods

QBE website has the following information With the current severe flood weather and additional warning of heavy rain for Queensland and NSW, travellers will find restricted access to certain locations, disruption to prescheduled public transport and damage to accommodation venues. The following advice relates to policies issued prior to 24 December 2010. There is no provision to claim amendment / cancellation fees due to the flooding / heavy rainfall weather for policies issued after 24 December 2010. Additional information

WFI has temporarily closed its Toowong office

WFI has temporarily closed its Toowong office in Queensland due to flooding in the Brisbane area. The decision to close the office temporarily has been made to ensure the safety and welfare of employees who face difficult conditions travelling to work. The office will reopen when it is safe for staff to travel to work. Meanwhile, clean-up work in the WFI Toowoomba client service team office is now underway and the office is expected to re-open shortly. All calls from WFI clients will

Vero responds to floods

Vero, part of the Suncorp Group, has announced it continues to monitor the Queensland floods and urges all insurance brokers and policyholders to lodge their insurance claims as soon as possible. A dedicated event response team has been created to deal with claims from the floods. Tips to speed up claims processing For hygienic reasons, damaged possessions (for example carpets and soft furnishings) can be removed from the property as part of the clean-up process but

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