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Does Your Public Liability Policy Cover Your Subcontractors

Public Liability Cover For Your Subcontractors Companies have been urged to check their public liability policy if they engage subcontractors, with some insurers not offering cover to companies that have more than 30% of their income derived through subcontractors. Does Your Public Liability Policy Cover Your Subcontractors Some insurers offer cover for your subcontractor’s others will explicitly exclude them.  It’s also important for any company engaging subcontractors to check their certificate of currency to avoid exposure to your business, if your insure check with

Landlords Insurance Quote

Landlords Insurance Checklist

Landlords Insurance Checklist Whether you are a landlord of a residential property or a commercial property, Landlords Insurance should be one of the first considerations when purchasing a property. So, what is it and what should you look for in a policy? A landlord’s risk to their assets can generally be put into three main areas, property, income and liability. Cover is available for each risk and some can be combined under a single policy to save on premium.   What should landlords consider

Company Insurance

Do I Insure My Company or Myself?

Do I Insure My Company or Myself? When you’re insuring your business, whether its public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance or a business pack insurance policies, should you insure it in the business name or your own name? Especially when that business is the trustee for your family trust. According to Steve Sloan, a broker with Insure 247 “the general rule would be to insure the entity that invoices the client, in most cases the insurer will be more interested in

Business Insurance Who Needs It

What is Business Insurance Who Needs It?

What is Business Insurance Who Needs It? What is Business Insurance Who Needs It? Business Insurance is another name for a collection of insurance covers, to protect your business in the event of an interruption to your business. 1 in 4 small businesses would not survive if they had to close their doors. Think about your business assets could you replace them quickly  without the business insurance? What types of business Insurance Cover is Available? At Quotes Online we can arrange business insurance quotes for Business Property, Business Interruption, Theft, Money, Machinery

Business Insurance Quotes

5 Reason You Should Have Business Interruption Insurance

What would your business do in the event of a loss Most businesses insure against third party loss with public liability insurance, and most cover their asset with business insurance In 2015 insurer CGU conducted analysis of policies placed with them by Steadfast Insurance Brokers across the property and business interruption classes, they found that 60% of the insured chose not to insure against interruption. Your competitors will be happy to deal with your clients while the business is down Where would your customers

Do Plumbers need Professional Indemnity?

Do plumbers need Professional Indemnity? There was a time when plumbers simply turned up and replaced a washer, installed a tap and re-seated the shower. Then builders and developers asked the tradie for a copy of their public liability insurance policy, why? The policy was to protect the contractor against property damage or personal injury to a third party. Now to get onto the same worksite some developers and builders are asking the plumber to have professional indemnity insurance. This is

CGU Warn Of Rise In Liability Insurance Premiums

One of Australia’s largest business insurers CGU has told ABC that Reserve Bank’s rate reduction will cause public liability insurance rates to rise, chief executive Peter Harmer “When interest rates fall, obviously investment returns reduce and, therefore, the original premium to the client needs to go up,” he said. “For example, the fall in the cash rate since November 2011 of 150 basis points would have required a rise in

Quotesonline Public Liability Quotes Now Faster

Quotesonline now offers faster Public Liability Quotes from more insurers for Australian businesses. Insure 247 who process the quote request now use AIGAllianz, Calibre, CGU, Vero & Zurich for most risks, including air condition installers, alarm  installers, blind and  curtain  installers, bricklayers and carpenters may receive instant quotes from the Insure 247 Team ( please note that due to the nature of life insurance not all

Zurich Highlight benefits offered by insurance brokers

General Insurer Zurich have commssioned a study by Cameron Research group that found 87% of small to medium enterprises (SME) were very satisfied with their insurance broker. “Most businesses get professional advice or support for key aspects of running their business, for example legal and taxation. Zurich believes that given the critical nature of insurance it should also warrant professional advice,” said Mr Daniel Fogarty Zurich Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance Zurich’s top 3 reasons why SMEs should use an insurance

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