National Disaster Insurance Review

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ICA supports National Disaster Insurance Review

The National Disaster Insurance Review, announced by the Federal Government on 4 March 2011, has been welcomed by the Insurance Council Australia (ICA). ICA CEO Rob Whelan said the review also had the full support of the general insurance industry. He commented, “We believe this review provides a great opportunity for the general insurance industry to contribute to current debate on how Australian communities can be more resilient to extreme weather events.” “Disaster insurance is critical when it comes to protecting

10 Point Plan to Tackle Disasters

The Federal Government’s announcement of a National Disaster Insurance Review has been supported by the Insurance Council Australia (ICA). The ICA suggests a range of measures need to be implemented in a bid to reduce the damage caused by serious disasters and to help communities recover more quickly from these devastating events. These have been outlined in a 10-Point Plan. 1. Standard definition for flood: Reform of the Insurance Contracts Act to include a common definition of flood for reference

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