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Steadfast Direct – Landlords Insurance

Steadfast Direct – Landlords Insurance Quotesonline can now offer Steadfast Direct Landlords Insurance quotes, the product offer exclusively to Steadfast Brokers through IAL. There are two Landlords products available: Steadfast Accidental Damage Landlords Policy Steadfast Listed Events Landlords Policy About IAL IAL is proudly backed by Insurance Australia Group (IAG) – the largest general Insurer in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence in Asia. Last year, IAG insured over $2 trillion worth of assets, collected $11.4 billion in premiums and paid out almost $9 billion in

Quotesonline Home and Content Insurance Quotes

  Home and Content Insurance Quotes Quotesonline now offers Home and Content Insurance Quotes, Steadfast have partnered with IAL to bring Steadfast Direct to the market. Steadfast Direct provides competitively priced house and motor products Policies Quoted Quotes provided Australia wide for Accidental Damage, Listed Events and Listed Event Base polices. The policy cover includes Explosion, Fire, Flash Flood, Flood, Impact*, Lighting, Malicious Damage, Rainwater, Storm, Storm Surge, Tsunami*, Wind Contents in Open Air at Risk Address, Business Equipment Used For Business, Contents in Commercial Storage

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