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With life insurance what is the difference between stepped and level premiums

What premium option suits you? With life insurance you will have options to choose either stepped or level premiums, but what does this mean? Generally the older you are the more the premiums will cost, to reduce this cost some life insurers will let you choose stepped or level premiums. Stepped Premiums With stepped premiums the cost will rise each year but will be lower in the beginning Level Premiums With level premiums your premium remains the same but is likely to be more expensive 

A Level Playing Field for Life Insurance Premiums

There are many reasons why people either avoid getting Life Insurance, or they let a policy lapse but more often than not it’s because we tend to think of it as a luxury item, because the true value of Life Insurance is often only seen when you need it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If Australians today start families later, carry large amounts of debt for longer, retire later and live longer, then the need for financial responsibility. Some

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