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Women still lagging men in life insurance

Australian women are less ikely to hold life insurance than men, according to research by Australia’s largest life insurer, TAL, released ahead of International Women’s Day on 8 March Life insurer TAL discovered 47% of women hold some form of financial protection, compared to 57% of men. Women significantly lag behind men in each of the four forms of life insurance, life, disability, income insurance and critical illness cover[1]. At the same

Income Protection for Self Employed

If I’m self employed can I get Income Protection Insurance? Most insurers offer self employed clients an income offering  that would help if something happened to you and you were unable to work. When calculating your income protection needs you should consider the number of months you could survive without an income before selling off  assets or making drastic lifestyle changes. If you are unsure speak with an adviser. What if I have just started? Some insurers will offer you

AIA adds Priority Protection Income Protection Inurance To Adviser Platform

  Life insurer AIA has added their income protection insurance Priority Protection Income Protection to adviser platforms (PortfolioCare, WealthView and PowerWrap). AIA Australia’s General Manager – Life Insurance, Damien Mu, said the addition of Priority Protection to the new platforms would enable more advisers to purchase AIA Australia products through their preferred platform. “Platforms are a rapidly growing business channel for advisers because of their functionality”, Mr. Mu said. “As a dedicated partnering specialist, it is important AIA Australia continues to innovate in this area

With life insurance what is the difference between stepped and level premiums

What premium option suits you? With life insurance you will have options to choose either stepped or level premiums, but what does this mean? Generally the older you are the more the premiums will cost, to reduce this cost some life insurers will let you choose stepped or level premiums. Stepped Premiums With stepped premiums the cost will rise each year but will be lower in the beginning Level Premiums With level premiums your premium remains the same but is likely to be more expensive 

How To Reduce Your Life Insurance Premium

Here is some tips to save money on your Life Insurance premium If you gave up smoking over 12 months ago some life insurers now consider you a non smoker, others an ex smoker. You body mass index may have a bearing on you premiums especially if its on the high side. If you play a contact sport expect to pay a bit more for your income protection insurance. Ask your adviser to find

AIA offer Income Protection for workers up to the age of 70

Australian Life Insurer AIA  have raised the age it will offer income protection insurance to Australian workers to the age of 70. AIA has also changed its Total Permanent Disability (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) benefits to include eligibility for part-time and casual workers, or those engaged only in home duties. AIA say the changes reflect trends in the working habits of Australians.  

Do You Save Buying Life Insurance On line

 Life insurance and income protection insurance is offered by both direct life insurers and through licensed advisor’s, the products offered are not normally the same, you should consider your circumstances and if unsure seek the advise of a professional.  In Australia direct life insurers can offer life cover up to $1 million above that amount you will have to see a  licensed advisor. Direct life insurers don’t offer commissions but many spend large sums on marketing directly on TV, Radio and

Allianz Win Life Insurance Product of the Year at the 2012

Allianz Australia have won Life Insurance Product of the Year at the 2012 as well as Marketing Campaign of the Year and General Insurance Company of the Year at the 2012 Australian Banking and Finance Awards TAL won Life Insurance Company of the Year Please note Quotesonline Insurance News is an information service provided by third parties Insure 247 Australia doesn’t warrants the accuracy of any information contained there in,

How Much Income Protection Insurance Do You Need?

  Income protection pays you a monthly benefit – just like your salary- if you can’t work due to sickness or injury The maximum  Income Protection cover most Australian insurers will offer is 80% of your pre-tax salary, but everyone circumstances are different, you should consider what bills you deal with now that you may not in the event that you can’t work due to sickness or injury. Make sure that you have enough cover for mortgage, rent and loan repayments, utilities and food.   This is general advice and does

The Hidden Economic Burden of Chronic Illness and Disability on Australian Households

     In the latest Medical Journal of Australia a perspective by Stephen Jan, Beverley M Essue and Stephen R Leeder discusses the hidden economic burden of chronic illness and disability on Australian households has been highlighted. The review found that 11% of bankrupts in 2009 cited ill health or absence of health insurance, in a study of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 46% of patients experienced an incidence of catastrophic health care spending — defined as out-of-pocket costs exceeding 10%

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