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Landlords Insurance Quote

Landlords Insurance Checklist

Landlords Insurance Checklist Whether you are a landlord of a residential property or a commercial property, Landlords Insurance should be one of the first considerations when purchasing a property. So, what is it and what should you look for in a policy? A landlord’s risk to their assets can generally be put into three main areas, property, income and liability. Cover is available for each risk and some can be combined under a single policy to save on premium.   What should landlords consider

ARPC Increase Insurance Premiums

ARPC increases terrorism levy see some premiums rise

ARPC increases terrorism levy see some premiums rise A recent Treasury review recommended the premiums charged by the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC) be increased. As a result, some insurers insurance premiums for Commercial Property and Business Interruption have been increased from 1 April 2016. The increases apply across three tiers: Tier A, applying to CBD areas with populations over 1 Million, Tier B, for urban areas with population under 100,000 and Tier C for everywhere else. Vero Insurance and Allianz new

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance Don’t let your money disappear with your tenant. Commercial Rent Default Insurance is the first stand-alone product of its kind offering Commercial Landlords a better way to manage their risk, attract and keep good tenants, and maximise their profits. If you are serious commercial property investors arrange a Commercial Rent Default Insurance quote. Commercial Rent Default Insurance will cover commercial landlords for loss of rent: If their commercial tenant fails to pay the rent If their commercial tenant leaves without notice If their commercial

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