Why Do You Need Landlord Insurance

Why Do You Need Landlord Insurance? As a Landlord, you know the value of a good investment, and most Landlords have insurance cover, but do they have all bases covered? Insure 247’s Steve Sloan explains some basic cover options; Landlord Property Cover – Defined events Defined events are basic property cover policies for a range of perils like fire, storm, burglary, leaking pipes and motor burn out cover. Most Landlord Insurers offer this type of cover, however, some risk may not be covered, for

Defined Event Insurance Policy

Defined events vs Accidental damage Policy

  Most insurers in Australia provide a choice of cover for buildings and contents insurances: defined events, or accidental damage. When you are looking to buy House, home and content or Landlord Insurance what is the main difference between these options is the way they approach the concept of insured events: one works by stating what it does cover whereas the other operates by stating what it does not cover. Defined events There are several terms used to describe these types of

Allianz Building and Contents Insurance

Compare House Insurance Policies

Compare House Insurance policies When you first look at insuring your home or contents, you might benefit from understanding and comparing the different types of policies offered by Australian Insurers. Accidental damage – House Insurance Accidental Damage policies usually cover any loss or damage that is not specifically excluded under the policy along with any Additional Benefits provided. Some insurers do not offer Accidental Damage policies, so before arranging a policy you should check with the insurer to see what type of policy they have quoted you. Defined Events –

What products does Axis offer insurance brokers?

Axis offers a range of products to assist insurance brokers who have clients with specialist, high hazard and hard to place risks. These could include the following categories: Commercial Strata Choice: Underwritten by AIG Australia, it offers strata risks up to $20 million and comprehensive cover for commercial start including: Full Accidental Damage Cover, 15% Rent & Accommodation Cost, 15% Catastrophe Cover, Liability, Machinery Breakdown Option, Office Bearers Liability, Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and Employee & Office Theft. Commercial Property: Industrial

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