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Why House Insurance Premiums Can Be Deceiving

House Insurance Premiums Can Be Deceiving Not all house insurance policies are created equal, basing your decision on the lowest house insurance premiums is possibly the worse insurance decision you can make according to Steve Sloan a broker with Insure 247. “There are two types of home and content policies offered in Australia, generally they can be categorized as Accidental Damage and Defined Events. Defined event policy’s are a budget offering from insurers that offer cover for common events like, fire, theft

5 Things To Consider When Renewing House Insurance

5 Things To Consider When Renewing House Insurance

You have received your house insurance renewal in the mail, do you just save 10 minutes and renew or should you look at the 5 Things To Consider When Renewing Your House Insurance What Should you Consider when Renewing House Insurance? 1. Rising Cost of replacement material* With the family home being the primary asset for many Australians, it’s vital for homeowners to know the precise replacement cost. As construction costs have increased, particularly in the last 10 years, it’s important to calculate

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Allianz Building and Contents Insurance

Allianz Building and Contents Insurance A new video from Allianz explain the latest Allianz Building and Contents Insurance options. It outlines the insurer’s cover for fire, storm, theft, flood cover and fusion. Please note policy terms, conditions, limits excesses and exclusions apply.   Arrange a quote for your Home and Content Insurance Online Anywhere Anytime Home Insurance helps protect you against things that are out of your control, such as damage from natural disasters like storms and bushfires. Home insurance covers the cost of replacing

Allianz Building and Contents Insurance

QBE Steadfast Accidental Damage Home Insurance Policy

  QBE Steadfast Accidental Damage Home Insurance Policy Insurer QBE has released a new version of the Steadfast Accidental Damage Home Insurance Policy wording Policy changes include but are not limited to: Escape of Liquid Now the policy includes  escape of liquid from washing machine or dishwasher, air conditioner, fridge, freezer. Identity Fraud cover has been added. Changing Permanent Risk Address Within Australia 45 days cover at both situations has now been increased to 60 days Psychological Counselling (Following

Western Australian Fires Declared A Catastrophe

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has declared a catastrophe for bushfires in Western Australia’s south west. Hardest hit so far appears to be the town of Yarloop where about 95 homes are believed to have been destroyed, as well as businesses and infrastructure. The ICA has yet to receive any reliable estimates of claims numbers given many evacuated residents have not yet been able to return to inspect their residences. Initial estimates put the value of insured losses in the tens of millions of dollars. ICA CEO

Above Normal Bushfire Threat for 2015-16 Fire Season

Bushfire Threat for 2015-16 Fire Season The Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre has release its forecast for the 2015-16 Fire Season, they have noted that many areas have consistently received below average annual rainfall across successive years. This has produced a cumulative reduction in soil moisture levels and increasingly dry forests and grasslands. In addition to these long-term trends, other climate drivers, such as the currently strengthening El Niño-Southern Oscillation event across the Pacific and the warmer waters associated with the Indian Ocean Dipole, may further increase the severity and duration of the

Quotesonline Home and Content Insurance Quotes

  Home and Content Insurance Quotes Quotesonline now offers Home and Content Insurance Quotes, Steadfast have partnered with IAL to bring Steadfast Direct to the market. Steadfast Direct provides competitively priced house and motor products Policies Quoted Quotes provided Australia wide for Accidental Damage, Listed Events and Listed Event Base polices. The policy cover includes Explosion, Fire, Flash Flood, Flood, Impact*, Lighting, Malicious Damage, Rainwater, Storm, Storm Surge, Tsunami*, Wind Contents in Open Air at Risk Address, Business Equipment Used For Business, Contents in Commercial Storage

Quotesonline Now Offering Home Insurance Quotes through Berkshire Hathaway

The Insure 247 Team are now offering IAL Home insurance and Motor insurance quotes through IAL Initially, clients will be able to arrange quotes on the three following House Insurance products Accidental Damage Listed Events Listed Event Base (lower coverage than Listed Events, similar to a direct market product available from major insurers) All products use the Steadfast Wording, all of the policies offer Flood Cover and all quotes will come with a policy comparison     Who is IAL? IAL was formally Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Australia, is a division of

Allianz advise no impact to NCB for motor claims arising from Brisbane Storms

No impact to NCB for motor claims arising from Brisbane Storms for Allianz Clients The storm that hit parts of South East Queensland on Thursday 27 November caused damage to a large number of properties and vehicles. With many of these claims being for motor, Allianz has made the decision not to impact the No Claim Bonus of customers who have lodged a motor claim relating to this storm. Their decision extends to all Domestic Motor claims made as a result

Steadfast to launch new home and motor insurance for the Australian market

Steadfast Group Limited (Steadfast) (ASX:SDF) today announced that it is launching a new line of retail insurance products for its brokers – Steadfast Direct. Steadfast Direct will provide Steadfast Network Brokers with competitively priced insurance products to sell to their clients that would normally be sold directly by the underwriter. It  therefore enables them to strengthen their relationship with their clients, grow their business and allows them to offer direct style products

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