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Best Price

Why Best Price is a bad way to start a conversation about Insurance

If you’ve ever been on a beach overseas? You would have noticed how the shops now come to you. Traders with glasses, clothing, massage and even tattoos. When they walk up to you introduce themselves, they always start with “Best Price”, which may be fine if you need new glasses and a tattoo but what about when you need insurance. Best Price does not mean the best value for your Business Business insurance has always been a grudge purchase for small

Emerald Flood 2010

Does All Business Insurance Cover Flood?

Some business insurance claims in Australia has been the result of 1 in a 100-year flood, leaving many many businesses unaware and unprepared for the loss Does all business insurance cover flood? Does all business insurance cover flood? No according to Steve Sloan insurance broker with Insure 247? “Business insurance policies that cover property loss or damage can be altered to include flood insurance and the loss of income as a result of a flooding event, however, each policy and insurer have

Adequate insurance

Adequate insurance does your business have it?

Does your business have adequate insurance? 90% of small business owners in Australia think they do. However if you purchased business insurance over 3 years ago this might not be the case. Business insurer Vero has come up with some tips for business owners Why is underinsurance such a problem? Building regulations can change. Market movements such as inflation, skills shortages and the increasing cost of building materials. Changing needs of liability limits. One of the biggest causes of underinsurance is the increasing cost of

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance Don’t let your money disappear with your tenant. Commercial Rent Default Insurance is the first stand-alone product of its kind offering Commercial Landlords a better way to manage their risk, attract and keep good tenants, and maximise their profits. If you are serious commercial property investors arrange a Commercial Rent Default Insurance quote. Commercial Rent Default Insurance will cover commercial landlords for loss of rent: If their commercial tenant fails to pay the rent If their commercial tenant leaves without notice If their commercial

Arranging a Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes with Quotesonline Anywhere, Anytime

Protecsure Equipment Insurance New Additional Benefits

Equipment insurer Protecsure has added new Additional Benefits for it Equipment Insurance. As technology continues enables businesses to become more mobile, they have recognised that it’s important to provide insurance solutions that are forward thinking and help keep business on the move. What is Equipment Insurance The equipment they cover under the policy includes: Tools of Trade Light Machinery Survey Equipment Mobile Electronic Mobile Medical Photographic Diagnostic and Measuring Musical Instruments Sports Equipment What are the New Additional Benefits   With effect from 5th February 2016, Protecsure will be enhancing their Equipment wording to automatically include the following additional

Business Interruption Insurance Explained

Business Interruption Insurance Helping Small Business?

Business Interruption Insurance There is more than 1,300,000 small to medium businesses (SME) in Australia, in the event of a major loss many of these businesses may be unprepared, that is where Business Interruption Insurance comes in. Business Interruption Insurance covers; Pay Wages Pay Your Rent Pay your Debtors And cover your loss of profits. Generally business interruption is included in Business Insurance packs, however, cover and indemnity periods may vary, if you unsure talk to a broker to discuss your needs 1300 046 787. Why get business interruption insurance? If


Consider how you business would cope after a catastrophic loss

Preparing for a Zombie Invasion   As part of management training we are encouraged to think out of the square, be creative and question our response to different situations. So after watching the latest series of The Walking Dead at Insure 247 we are preparing for the Zombie invasion.   We are working out the details, which team members we will take with us (definitely planning to take people who are a good shoot), need a team cook,

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Allianz add additional cover to their Business Insurance Policy

  Australian insurer Allianz has made changes to it’s Steadfast Business Pack policy, the changes to their business insurance policy includes; The Theft section has been enhanced by adding a new additional benefit that covers the Theft of Property Insured in the open air. This addition will provide automatic cover for theft without forcible and violent entry of Property Insured in open air within the boundaries of Premises, subject to meeting specific security requirements as stated in the

What is Business Interruption Insurance

Why get business interruption insurance? If a business is out of action for a length of time Business Interruption Insurance will cover expenses while your business recovers, relocates or restocks. Normally part of a Business Insurance policy, it will kick in following a fire or other insured peril occurring at a business premises when some form of interruption to the business occurs.   What type of expenses does Business Interruption Insurance Cover? This insurance will cover your business related expenses like rent, wages, relocation expenses, advertising and

Zurich General Insurer of the year 2014

1148 members of NIBA (National Insurance Brokers Association) have voted Zurich General Insurer of the year 2014, this follows a similar result in 2013. The award had been previously won by QBE for 11 years in a row. QBE and CGU were the other finalists. This award follows on from other awards the insurer received in 2013 including Insurance Business ‘Brokers on Insurers Survey’ – Zurich named Insurer of the Year, Money Magazine’s annual Best of the

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