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Income Protection Insurance

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance helps when you can no longer work to injury or sickness.

It protects your income if you’re unable to work by giving you financial assistance normally 75% of your gross wages for a maximum time period (e.g. 2 years or to age 60) after a waiting period (30 to 90 days).

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Australian residents aged 18 to 64 can apply

Income Protection Insurers quoted include

aia-income-protectionAMP Income InsuranceTAL income protection InsuranceAsteron Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance Quotes Online


Income Protection for Self Employed

AIA adds Priority Protection Income Protection Inurance To Adviser Platform

AIA offer Income Protection for workers up to the age of 70

How Much Income Protection Insurance Do You Need?

Should I choose Indemnity or Agreed Value Income Protection Insurance?

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