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Australian Owner Builders Insurance Services is Australia’s largest and most recognized Owner Builder exclusive underwriting agency.

Not all insurance policies are the same – as seen in early 2011 Queensland, Victoria and NSW weather disasters. Owner Building is not for everyone and but those 40,000 or so Australian’s who start out each, year, it’s a fascinating exciting and profitable journey. Insurance is critical and a must.

Most Owner Builders place their prized asset(s) on the line. At these times the very best advice is invaluable. Experience and industry knowhow is essential in addition to an insurer that lives up to its promises. Afterall, insurance is all about an unfortunate incident occurring and sustaining a loss, therefore claims management is the single most important element in the insurance cycle. This is why most Owner Builders choose AOBIS Insurances.


AOBIS maybe offered by one of our licensed partners, please note that due to the nature of insurance not all insurers may offer quotes.

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